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I am a full-stack web developer currently seeking a full time opportunity for employment in this field. I recently completed a six month, intensive, full stack coding bootcamp at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Prior to this course, I had a very basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript aquired from free, online resources including Coursera, Free Code Camp, and Codecademy. After completing this cource, I now have the skills to confidently call my self a Full-Stack Developer. During my tenure at the UNC coding bootcamp, we covered a wide range of subjects including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, API's, AJAX, JSON, Firebase, Node.js, mySql, Sequelize, Express, RESTful APIs, MongoDB, Mongoose, Scraping, Testing, TDD, React, C#, ASP.net, Algorighms, GIT, and much more. I have been able to use this knowledge combined with my other skills, interests and creativity to create some applications that I am proud to show off, especially considering I could barely write a basic HTML/CSS page when i began the UNC course in June 2017. Since graduating I have completed several freelance projects, and am currently working as a independant junior developer for Daughtridge Sales. This opportunity is giving me the experience of working as part of a team developing an online catalog / sales platform using a stack that includes Vue.Js, Firebase, and Node.Js. Please browse through my portfolio, view my RESUME, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


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Old Milburnie Farm App

This Full-Stack application was specially build as a part of a two person team for a friend who owns an organic and was our final major project for the UNC coding bootcamp.

Whitman Masonry App

This Full-Stack application was custom built alone for my employer and as my second major project for the UNC coding bootcamp.

Daughtridge Sales

This is the public website for Daughtridge Sales Co. As a contract Web Developer for this company, I created many of the UI components for this site.

Stock Market Time Machine

This Front-End application was built as part of a three person team for our first major project during the UNC coding bootcamp.

This Website

This Front-End Website was built solo to promote myself as a webdeveloper and musician.

Steve Hobbs Website

This Website was built using wordpress for a good friend and very accomplished musician who needed a personal website on a budget and in a very short period of time to promote an upcoming record release.


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